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Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

valuation of Agloco

The most hours I have spent on Agloco is finding out how much money its members are worth (on a specific time). Because Agloco won't be on the stock exchange until the fourth quarter 2007, it is impossible to calculate what members are worth now. On the internet, I found the 'simmons report', this is a report based on various calculations and statistics. Realistic business models were used to find the numbers and I think that this is the most objective report on Agloco.
I'll spare the details on how they got to such results (you can read that on the site of the simmons report) and I'll give you a brief summary;

The valuation conclusions are based on AGLOCO reaching two million users in a two year time span:

A user who has no referrals should receive ownership in AGLOCO worth on average about $150. (plus monthly cash distributions)

The average value of an AGLOCO user’s referral network should be $30 each in ownership shares plus the referrer’s share of monthly cash distribution.

The average AGLOCO direct referral should be worth in excess of $3,000 each (see example below for details)

The analysis also shows a range of monthly cash distributions of between $5 and $15 a month per user.
The AGLOCO business model looks theoretically sound – (assuming they get to a decent size quickly - at least 500,000 users within nine months to a year)

The image shows clearly how important it is to reffer people to Agloco if you really want to gain a huge positive cash flow.

Ofcourse, these numbers are just the result of smart guessing. Maybe Agloco will not be such a succes and maybe they won't reach the 2 million members in 2 years... I sure do hope so, and with nothing to lose, I'd be dumb not to try.


In my investigation of Agloco I bumped on a company called Alladvantage. Alladvantage is actually the predecessor of Agloco. I found allot of story's around Alladvantage, almost all of them where positive and on forums etc I found allot of people who earned some nice cash through Alladvantage. For anyone who is interested, I found a nice summary on wikipedia.

AllAdvantage was an Internet advertising company that positioned itself as the world’s first "infomediary" by paying its users/members a portion of the advertising revenue generated by their online viewing habits. It became most well known for its slogan "Get Paid to Surf the Web," a phrase that has since become synonymous with a wide array of online ad revenue sharing systems (see, e.g., Paid to Surf).

AllAdvantage was launched on March 31, 1999, by Jim Jorgensen, Johannes Pohle, Carl Anderson, and Oliver Brock. During its nearly 2 years of operation, it raised nearly $200 Million in venture capital and grew to more than 10 million members in its first 18 months of operation. The company's practice of compensating existing members for referring new members led it to become one of the most heavily promoted websites of its time. That popularity was reflected in the ranking of among the top 20 of many website traffic indices during most of the company's existence, including Nielsen//NetRatings.

AllAdvantage contributed several concepts to the marketplace that continue to have impact today. For example, the company’s Viewbar software was one of the earliest desktop user tracking and ad targeting technologies. The Viewbar displayed advertisements in a narrow application window that could be docked to the bottom of the user's screen, targeting those advertisements to the content being viewed by the user as they browsed websites. The same technologies, minus the permission of users or monetary compensation, became the basis of the adware and spyware industries.

The company also appointed the world's first corporate Chief Privacy Officer, creating the role as a senior level executive responsible for protecting the privacy and security of user data and managing a variety of risks and threats to the integrity of the service. The company appointed privacy lawyer Ray Everett-Church to the newly created position in August 1999, starting a trend that quickly spread among major corporations, both offline and online. By 2001, the non-profit research organization Privacy and American Business reported that a significant number of Fortune 500 firms had appointed senior executives with the title or role of Chief Privacy Officer.

AllAdvantage is perhaps most remembered for its successful adaptation of the "viral marketing" concept, a term first coined by the venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. In viral marketing, members of the service promote it to their friends and acquaintances, which AllAdvantage enhanced by adding a compensation component, rewarding users for the number of members they successfully referred. In a May 2000 article for Red Herring magazine, Steve Jurvetson cited AllAdvantage as a prime example of viral marketing success.

AllAdvantage ultimately fell victim to the sharp decline in advertising spending as the dot-com bubble burst and the U.S. economy entered a recessionary period in mid-2000. AllAdvantage planned an initial public offering of stock in early 2000, underwritten by renowned investment banker Frank Quattrone and his firm Credit Suisse First Boston. As the IPO market continued to sour through mid-2000, the offering plans were cancelled. The company continued to seek new sources of revenue and expanded its offerings to include sweepstakes. But the company finally halted consumer-facing operations in February 2001. By the time it closed its doors, the company had paid out over $120 million to its members.

Monday, January 29, 2007

cash money

A part of the benefit you get from Agloco will be given through shares. The shares are reveiced when surfing the web (see post 'shares'). To do this, you have to download the viewbar from the site of Agloco. With the viewbar CASH money can also be earned every month. As you can see on the picture, the viewbar is nothing more than your average toolbar, you can do a search with it and many more usefull options. The best thing about the viewbar is that companies pay Agloco to put ads on the viewbar. When Algoco is in a positive money balance (more money input than output), the cash flows to its members. You don't have to click on a advertisement or do anything, just make sure you have the viewbar! The amount of money depends on its members, companies would ofcourse pay more if more people would see their message. According to an admin, the payments would be through paypal, checks and other methodes. They will ask the necessary details when they are ready to pay out.

Why you should join

First of all, I'm not forcing anyone to join, I'm just telling things how they are and if people don't want to listen or don't want to join, I really don't care. This is an oppertunity that CAN lead to something, but we are not sure.
- Why should you take a shot when you are not sure of cash money coming in?

1 It is completely free of costs! Unlike other sites, you never have to pay anything, not even to sign in!

2 It only takes a minute, sign in by clicking on the link "AGLOCO JOIN NOW" and then fill in your personal settings like birthday, e-mailadres... Then within a day, you receive a mail, click the link in the mail and you're finished. Later on, downloading the viewbar is easy and whole this process can be done in a minute time.

3 No risks of any kind, Agloco will not use your e-mail for spam or junkmail, and the viewbar is not a form of spyware.

4 You might miss the biggest revolution on internet, finally, the community can receive money for surfing, instead it going to a few billionaires.

Not convinced? check out my other posts and check other sources too. Don't be afraid to e-mail me your questions or complaints.


the shares of agloco

Sceptic as I am, I'd like to dig any deaper in the 'own the internet' part. Unlike Agloco's ancestor Alladvantage (see other post) Agloco will combine paying with cash money and with shares (the cash money part will be written in a later post) instead of just cash money. What are these shares really worth? Objective as I am, I will tell you that the shares won't render money the first months. Agloco first needs to pay off all its depts made for the start-up and the site (nothing of this ofcourse will be paid by the members, as I said, you won't have to pay anything anytime), then the company will start to earn and so actually be worth something. Also , the more people are in the community, the more Agloco will be worth (but also the more you have to share money with), because of it's position. I would like to refer to Youtube, a site that was free of all costs, but with millions of members, it growed out to a leading company and therefor was sold to Google for 1.65 billion dollars! Oke, let us stay realistic, there are 3 possible scenario's that could be happening with the shares;
- Agloco fails to grow enough (unlikely, look at the graph) or grows to fast to handle and the company fails. In this case, the shares will remain nothing but virtual shares and won't pay off, the members will only get cash from the companies who paid to put their advertisements on the viewbar.
- The second scenario is that Agloco grows like crazy and the IPO is succesful. The shares will climb high in value and a positive cash-flow will be leading to its members.
- In the thirth case, Agloco grows like crazy and the IPO is succesful. The company might get the attention of big players like Yahoo, Google, AOL... and will be bought out. The shares will pay off good!

Expectations are that Agloco will list on the London Stock Exchange in the 4th quarter 2007. Before coming out in public, the stocks won't be worth more than virtual shares. For now, its impossible to say what the stocks will be worth when on the stock exchange, it will depend on the number of members and if the company doesn't implodes.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

brief summary of Agloco

First of all, I'm going to disappoint allot of people, Agloco is not a formule to gain loads of money fast without much effort. But then again, for people who don't seek huge amounts of money with the investment of just a few minutes or for those who want to invest allot of time and want their work to pay out, this might be the perfect solution.
- What do you need to do?
- Nothing more than you would do normally, because Agloco will credit you for surfing on the internet. After you sign in on the website of Agloco, you will be able to download a viewbar. This viewbar needs to be installed and will be in your browser on the bottom of the screen (out of harms way). This viewbar will count the hours that you surf on the internet. Nothing more, no buttons you have to click, no sites you have to visit... . Although the viewbar can be used as a search engin and commercials will be displayed on it, you are not forced to use it. Each hour you surf on the internet, you gain 1 share (with a maximum of 5 shares a month). With a refferal system, you can increase your income of shares, just telling your friends about it and letting them join Agloco.
Now the most enjoyable part is that your shares are either worth lot's of money if the community grows, or either the company implodes and your shares are as good as useless. For more information, check later posts about this shares and how much cash their actually wort or will be wort in periods in time.
There is another way that you can earn money instead of shares. Agloco is willing to donate all its income to the members, also the money they receive from advertisements showed on the viewbar, and when members should buy stuff showed on the viewbar, the commision received by Agloco will also be shared with all of its members (even if you never bought on the viewbar). Even if the usebar is used for searches, Agloco gets a commision and that again means money for its members.
- What's the catch?
- Simply, there is not catch! Signing in is for free! and so is everything on Agloco! Signing in only takes a minute and does not forces you to do anything! Maybe, some criticus might say that the fact that you get shares instead of cash money is a catch, but I personally think it's great, as the company and community grows, your shares grow with them.
- Want to sign up?
Don't wait to long, in the section 'links' in my website, you find the link straight to Agloco, sign in and benefit the profits being a early bird in a company with loads of potential!
For those who are not convinced, I just ask to pay attention to my website, I'll be posting new articles about Agloco very regulary, articles about shares, about refferals, about Aglocos position and many more related topics. Be sure to search the internet for other sources as well, I do to, it's essential to keep your thoughts objective!